Green Key

At Green Key hotels we work every day to protect the environment:

  1. We all work together for the good of the environment: every member of our staff is involved and our staff is trained in environmental matters.
  2. We recycle and sort waste efficiently – all reusable material and items are recycled.
  3. We save water: in our kitchen areas we use water and energy efficiently. More than half of our rooms are equipped with water saving shower heads and taps.
  4. Our daily cleaning products are ecolabelled. Our housekeeping staff is glad to help you recycle bottles, glass and paper, just leave them on the desk in your room. Additionally, many of our Green Key hotels already have recycling bins in the rooms.
  5. Our lights are energy efficient and more than half of them are led lights or energy saving bulbs. Whenever an old one is replaced, we always choose an eco-friendly product.
  6. We offer you a varitety of environmentally friendly ways for transportation: from bikes to nordic walking sticks, electric cars, rollerblades and public transport. Also our staff members favour environmentally friendly options in commuting and transport.
  7. We offer a variety of local and organic food and vegetable dishes in our restaurants.
  8. We keep the property and all our equipment from air-conditioning to refridgerators and oven in excellent condition to secure energy-efficient operations.
  9. Information about our work for the benefit of the environment is available at the hotel.
  10. We invite all our customers to join us: in your room, you can find information how you can help the environment during your stay.
  11. We make sure that we comply with your wishes: if you hang your towel on the rack, we leave it there for you to use it again.
  12. We are happy to help you to explore the beautiful Finnish nature to its fullest: information of the nearby nature destinations are available at our front desk and lobby.

You can help the environment in many ways:

  • In the shower, please turn off the water while adding soap or shampoo.
  • Please use a mug when brushing your theeth.
  • You can choose to use the same towel during your whole stay by leaving it on the towel rack.
  • Turn off unneccesary lights.
  • Please remember to remove the key card from its holder when leaving the room. This way all lights are automatically off.
  • Choose local and organic food at breakfast or a vegetable dish.
  • Take only the food you plan to eat and eat all the food you take.
  • Recycle waste: please leave your papers and bottles on the desk at your room, our housekeeping will recycle them for you.
  • Choose an eco-friendly way to go sightseeing: use a bike, go by foot or use public transportation, timetables and routes are available at our front desk.
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