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Welcome to Break Sokos Hotel Bomba in Nurmes! We have been accredited with the Green Key label which is accredited based on working to help preserve the environment and the label is gained if the strict criteria are met.
Every year we evaluate and decide on new environmental goals which we will work towards every day in our operations. For example, we offer local and organic products in our breakfast buffet, we work towards decreasing the amount of food waste, we recycle and we recommend our customers to find ecological ways to move around. Did you know that at Bomba you can rent a bike and head out to the nature? We recommend getting to know the surrounding nature on your visit. 
Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label is accredited to tourism companies which meet the criteria including financial, ecological, social and cultural parts of sustainability.

"We are extremely proud to have gained such label and recognition. Sustainable tourism is a natural way to operate in a Finnish cultural heritage site. We want to take into account the preservation of our nature and surroundings as well as the Karelian heritage in order to serve good quality experiences for future generations", says General Manager Sanna Tenhunen.

"Our whole staff familiarized themselves with the Visit Finland's sustainable tourism programme and we were quick to fulfill the criteria needed to gain the label. This is a good next step after the Green Key label gained years ago. Green Key label is accredited thanks to the hard work done to develop and promote environmental work."

Sustainable Travel Finland label especially helps international tourists in their hotel and travel decisions. "We want to join the ride with Visit Finland in marketing sustainable experiences to international guests", Tenhunen tells. 

Examples on the sustainable tourism acts done by Break Sokos Hotel Bomba:

  • promoting and developing Karelian culture
  • the electricity used by the hotel is 100% renewable energy
  • our hotel rooms have water saving showers and taps 
  • only LED lamps are used in lighting 
  • heat recovery from grey water 

Break Sokos Hotel Bomba is operated by North Karelian Cooperative (PKO) which is heavily investing and developing its tourism products and services. The culturally significant Bomba House is being developed into a Karelian event house which has active operations and for example a local Suojärvi Pitäjäseura operates in it.

Sustainable Travel Finland label and the development programme supporting it aims to enhance and develop sustainable tourism in Finland and promote Finland as a sustainable travel destination and ease the decision process done by tourists.Visit Finland has published its own Sustainabl Finland Pledge which is aimed for tourists planning on visiting Finland and tourists already in Finland. Do you want sign the pledge? You can do so here

Sokos Hotels have been selected as the Finland's most trustworthy, responsible and valued hotel chain for many years. Read more about the environmental work and sustainability from here: Responsibility at Sokos Hotels -

Get to know Bomba's action plan for sustainability here

For more information on Sustainable Travel Finland programme: Sustainable Travel Finland accredits the first Finnish travel service providers - Business Finland

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