Green Key

As part of S Group and the Southern Karelia Cooperative Society, Original Sokos Hotel Lappee wants to support economic sustainability through its activities and to contribute to social responsibility.

Lappee is involved in the planning and development of sustainable tourism in the region in cooperation with the local tourism organisation GoSaimaa.

Sustainability is a major theme in the 5-year strategy (2021–2025) of our Southern Karelia Cooperative Society. Sustainability is part of our daily operations, and we focus on social, human, environmental and economic responsibility. Sustainability is reflected in our everyday business. For example, we measure the food waste at breakfast and at our restaurants and offer comprehensive employment contracts to our personnel.

We treat job applicants, employees, customers and stakeholders fairly and in compliance with legislation. In competition, we adhere to good retail practices. Our purchasing is planned with a view to the ethical production, life cycle, sustainability and recyclability of the products. We aim to source locally or domestically.

We want to promote our local culture. We have gone as far as to present the local culture and even competing local businesses under #reasontocome on social media, for example. We also sell activities offered by our local partners such as Karelia Lines cruise tickets. Karjala sweets from the small Lappeenranta-based company Micaro Makeiset are sold in our minibars, fresh bread from the local Rikkilä bakery is served at breakfast, and refreshments from the local Tujun Panimo brewery are on sale in Venn and Rosso.

We aim for reasonable energy consumption. We also have technical solutions in place to reduce water consumption. Sorting is made more efficient within the possibilities offered by our partners. We are reducing food waste through more careful planning and where necessary, we also make use of the ResQ Club (breakfast, Coffee House). In 2021, the Lappee breakfast received recognition and certification from the ResQ Club, which means that we act responsibly and minimise food waste as much as possible.

As a customer, you can also contribute to sustainability by compensating for your carbon footprint when paying your hotel bill, sorting your rubbish and paying attention to reducing food waste at breakfast by not taking more food on your plate than you can eat, for example. Small deeds add up to big steps towards protecting our shared environment.

Let's work together for the environment – thanks for caring!

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Brahenkatu 1
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