Natural Sites

Relax in the Linnaistensuo swamp area 

Here is an idea for post-meeting activity: take your group to enjoy the magnificent swamp environment of the Päijät-Häme region. The protected Linnaistensuo swamp is located 8 km from the hotel. The swamp has a duckboards trail. You will see cloudberries, crowberries and other swamp plants as well as rare birds and insects.

The trail is 1.5 km long.


What to take with you:

Hiker's snacks from the hotel is €15 per person


After the walk:

Sauna (requires booking) in the hotel's comfortable, renovated sauna facilities, prices from €300 per two hours (max. 25 people).

Dinner: delicious, genuine flavours at Trattoria Seurahuone. Example: Vellamo menu (local food), €43 per person


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