Green Key

Welcome to Break Sokos Hotel Koli! We as in almost every other Sokos Hotel have a Green Key label which is accredited based on strict environmental criteria helping to make a difference on an environmental level.

Every year we set new environmental goals for our hotel which go hand in hand in our daily operations throughout the year. In addition we pay attention to the environmental effects of our daily operations. We aim to offer and increase the amount of local and organic products in our breakfast buffet. We also aim to decrease the amount of food waste and we recommend our customers to take just the amount of food they think they can eat. You can always take more if you want. We recycle our waste effectively and sorte the waste that can be recycled. For example, all the bed linen removed from use are recycled or re-used. 

Wanting to head out to nature? Ask for tips from our staff to find the right paths and nature destinations. We are happy to help you find outdoor activities and hiking paths. 


Koli was accredited with a Sustainable Travel Finland label in 2020. The label is accredited when a company fulfills with the criteria set by Visit Finland. The criteria includes both ecological, economical, social and cultural factors. For our hotel operator, North Karelian Cooperative Society, the well-being of nature, people and our region is important and they are the starting point for the whole operations which have been worked towards for a long time. North Karelian Cooperative (PKO) is a forerunner when it comes to sustainability. "We invest in renewable energy, recycle effectively and promote the sales of products produced by local producers. PKO is also the biggest employer in the area. Now the STF labels accredited by all our hotels promote our sustainable development", says Sales and Tourism Director, Tiina Kanninen.

By choosing a hotel sertified by Green Key and Sustainable Travel Finland labels you are promoting responsible and sustainable tourism!

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Ylä-Kolintie 39 83960, Koli
Ylä-Kolintie 39
83960, Koli