Green Key ja Sustainable Travel Finland

Welcome to Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Joensuu! We, as all other Sokos Hotels, have a Green Key label. This means that we work according to strict environmental criteria and we take care of the environment from our part. 

Every year we set new goals for our environmental acts which go hand in hand as a part of our operations throughout the year. In addition to this we take notice on the environmental effects our operations have. We offer various different organic and local products on our breakfast and we aim to increase the amount of these products every year. We aim to decrease the amount of food waste continuosly and we recommend our customers to take only the amount of food they think they can manage. We recycle all our waste effectively and advice recycling everything we possibly can. For example, all our worn out bed linen that is to be thrown away will be reused one way or another. As a form of transportation or moving around we recommend the bus and train as well as going by bike or on foot as those are the most ecological ways to go around. We recommend our customers to take advantage of the mentioned ways of going around when visiting us. Did you know that you can rent a bike from us and go about in the city? We would also love to recommend different outdoor areas and paths for you to visit. You can also ask more about the timetable of the local busses.

Vaakuna also gained a Sustainable Travel Finland label in December 2020. The label is accredited when you meet the criteria set by Visit Finland which aims to take notice on both the ecological, economical, social and cultural sustainability. To North Karelia Cooperative, which operates the hotels, the well-being of people, nature and our region is the starting point for all operations and which has been worked towards for a long while. North Karelia Cooperative (PKO) is a forerunner when it comes to sustainability. "We invest in renewable energy, we recycle effectively and we try to increase the sales of products produced by local producers. PKO is also the largest employer in the area. Now all our hotels have gained these labels which reinforce the forerunner place when it comes to sustainability", says the Sales and Tourism Director, Tiina Kanninen.

By choosing a hotel with a Green Key and Sustainable Travel Finland labels you are a part of developing sustainable tourism! 

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