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The Pasila area is full of interesting events. Our hotel is located in the heart of all the events. Hartwall Arena is only 850 away, Exhibition center 1 km, Linnanmäki amusement park 2,5 km and you can see the central park from the window. 
Below all the most important links to the events and experiences. 
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Easyfit gym: Our great gym is located at floor -2 and its open 24/7. The premises are stylish and the equipment are of high-class and are easy to use. The gym offers group exercise lessons and also virtual exercise lessons. 
Prices: 29,90 €/month, single payment 7 €, S-Car¬d 5 €, with S-Card Pre¬mium –card free of charge.
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Bikes and nordic walking sticks: In the summer the hotel has 4 own bikes for customers to lend. Also nordic walking wands are free of charge for hotel customers. 
Central park: Central park is located just 200 m from the hotel. The park is perfect for recreation and outdoor activities. There is also a dog park. 
You can ask for a map over the central park from the reception. 




Kulttuuritalo                                    7.11.                    Seinabo Sey (SWE)

Helsingin jäähalli                            8.11.                    Scooter - 100% – 25 Years & Wicked Tour

Hartwall Arena                               8. – 11.11.          Ice hockey Karjala-turnaus

Hartwall Arena                               9.11.                   Suomi-kiekkopäivä

Kulttuuritalo                                    9.11.                   Yölintu 25 vuotta – Maailma on kauneimmillaan -juhlakonsertti    

Kulttuuritalo                                    10.11.                 Jimmy Carr – The Best of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits

Helsingin jäähalli                            10.11.                  Amorphis

Finlandia-talo                                  11.11.                  Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Kulttuuritalo                                    12.11.                  Per Gessle's Roxette

Hartwall Arena                               14.11.                  KHL: Jokerit – Severstal Tsherepovets

Kulttuuritalo                                    15.11.                  Bad Manners & Big Country

Hartwall Arena                               16.11.                  Jenni Vartiainen

Hartwall Arena                               17.11.                  Jarkko Ahola & Waltteri Torikka – Show Must Go On

Hartwall Arena                               18.11.                  KHL: Jokerit – Lokomotiv Jaroslavl

Hartwall Arena                               21.11.                  KHL: Jokerit – Avangard Omsk

Hartwall Arena                               23.11.                  KHL: Jokerit – Barys Astana

Kulttuuritalo                                    23.11.                  Neljä Ruusua

Kulttuuritalo                                    25.11.                  The Alan Parson Project Meet the Voice of Mike Oldfield

Messukeskus                                  27. – 28.11.        Studia 2018

Kulttuuritalo                                    28.11.                  Joulumielelle-konsertti

Kulttuuritalo                                    29.11.                  Uriah Heep & The Zombies

Hartwall Arena                               29.11.                  The Show – A Tribute to Abba

Kulttuuritalo                                    30.11.                  J. Karjalainen

Hartwall Arena                               30.11. – 1.12.    Kaija Koo Superkonsertti



Finlandia-talo                                  1.12.                    Yö – Mitä jos mä rakastan

Hartwall Arena                               2.12.                    KHL: Jokerit – Slovan Bratislava

Kulttuuritalo                                    2.12.                    Hector & His Power Band – Hengissä joulun hengessä

Helsingin jäähalli                            5.12.                    Rähinä 20v Juhlashow

Kulttuuritalo                                    6.12.                    Henry Rollins Travel Slideshow

Helsingin jäähalli                            8.12.                    Slayer

Hartwall Arena                               8.12.                    Raskasta Joulua -konsertti

Kulttuuritalo                                    10.12.                  The Osmonds Christmas Show

Hartwall Arena                               11.12.                  KHL: Jokerit – Salavat Julajev Ufa

Helsingin jäähalli                            15.12.                  Cheerleadingin SM-kilpailut

Hartwall Arena                               15.12.                  Nightwish

Messukeskus                                  15. – 16.12.        Koiramessut             

Hartwall Arena                               20.12.                  KHL: Jokerit – TsSKA Moskova

Hartwall Arena                               22.12.                  KHL: Jokerit – Dinamo Riika

Hartwall Arena                               26.12.                  KHL: Jokerit – Dynamo Moskova

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