With the kids in Heymo

Welcome to Espoo with the whole family! Espoo offers numerous activities and destinations that guarantee an unforgettable holiday for the whole family. Heymos Fixers have written down places in Espoo where you can enjoy a summer day.  Check out the tips here!  Grab a snack from Heymo and go on a fun day trip!

Heymo 1 by Sokos Hotels is an ideal base for a family holiday. We offer comfortable and comfortable rooms, especially suitable for families with children. The spacious Heymo Room can accommodate up to seven people. Rooms come with quirky bed solutions, refrigerators, microwaves and utensils. From our hotel you can reach the metro in a few minutes, which also runs fast in the direction of Helsinki.

At Heymo, Fixer is always there to help you.  Our fixers will help you find the tastiest strawberries, the nearest city bikes and the sunniest beaches. If you need a crib or potty, you can request them from our Fixers.

Welcome to Heymo 1 by Sokos Hotel!

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Miestentie 5 02150, Espoo
Miestentie 5
02150, Espoo