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Sokos Hotels has the best employer image in Helsinki region

Sokos Hotels and Scandic Hotels shared the number one position in the survey. Radisson Blu was ranked as number 6 and Sokotel as number 10. Overall hotels ranked above restaurants. Sokos Hotels was also the top improver, rising from number five in year 2018 to number one. On a scale from 4 to 10 Sokos Hotels average ranking was 7,9.
Sokos Hotels received the most open, spontaneous mentions as the best place to work. Examples of reasons why included good feedback from current employees. Sokotel was characterized for example as "a good employer where everything works smoothly and where I can work flexibly in different locations".
Working ambiance and leadership were among the most important contributors to a good employer image. Equal treatment of employees, employee well-being and employee rights were mentioned as significant in open comments. Increasing share of diverse cultural backgrounds was also visible in survey responses.
"We're happy to see that students are interested in all the hotel chains operated by S-group. Our employees get to create happiness in an international environment. We're always hiring and have open positions as we speak", says Jennie Stenbom, Senior Vice President of human resources at SOK business units. 
The survey was conducted in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Stadin Ammattiopisto vocational school and Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College in January-February 2020. The number of survey respondents was 157. Typical respondents had been studying hospitality and restauration for 1-2 years and had less than 3 years working experience. The survey has been previously conducted in years 2016 and 2018.
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Consumers' choice – once again Sokos Hotels is the most trusted hotel chain in Finland

With almost half (49%) of the mentions in the category concerned, the Reader's Digest European Trusted Brands survey has chosen Sokos Hotels as Finland's most trusted hotel chain. This is the eighth consecutive award for the Sokos Hotels chain. 
Sokos Hotels is particularly trusted by families with children. Of respondents whose households include children under 16 years of age, as much as 64% named our company as the most trusted hotel chain. 56% of women and 42% of men trust Sokos Hotels. 
"We are proud of the confidence that Finnish consumers have shown us", rejoices Outi Vitie, Marketing Director at Sokos Hotels. "Sokos Hotels has been part of Finnish hotel life for 44 years. Except our 1,300 employees, we also offer local operators a significant amount of work at the different locations of our hotels. The share of locally produced food served in our restaurants is continually growing and in our procurement of materials we favour Finnish suppliers. I believe that Finnish origin is a brand of quality and trust for Finnish consumers."
The respondents of the survey have first named the brand they consider most trustworthy in the product category asked, and then they have rated how well five different features fit this brand on a scale from 1 to 5. The rated features were: quality, value for money, strong product image, understanding consumers' needs, and ethically responsible. In addition, respondents were asked whether they had used the brand they chose during the past 12 months, and whether they would recommend it to others.
The people who chose Sokos Hotels rated us the highest for all features asked, and 57% of the respondents would recommend the chain to others, which is the best result in the category.
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Sokos Hotels recycle thousands of furniture

Sokos Hotels that has already 35 Green Key certified hotels in Finland take their environmental work seriously. They have recently done impressive environmental work when renovating their establishments, at the same time spreading good will by donating the replaced goods.

In Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti that lies in Helsinki city center thousands of furniture are replaced when giving the hotel a refreshed look. The old furniture will get a new life in multiple ways: Some of them have been reupholstered to fit the hotel´s new look. Some have been relocated to staff premises. Beds, blankets, pillows, curtains and night tables in turn get to continue their lives with a help of a Finnish company named Freshrent.

Freshrent cleanses and renovates the old materials. Some of the materials are good enough to be sold to private homes, smaller hotels and festivity premises. There are also temporary houses for construction workers as well as reception centers furnished with the old hotel beds.

Often hundreds of beds can be replaced when renovating a hotel. These beds might end up in a landfill but Freshrent gives it´s all to keep the stuff away from the landfills. If a bed is not suitable for use anymore it will be put into pieces that are recycled. Caring about the nature is a trend but Festrent also has plenty of customers that highly value the good quality of durable old hotel beds, states their CEO Juha Mäkinen.

Recycling furniture to fight social exclusion

Renovated Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi at the city of Kuopio in turn donated their old goods to local Tukeva-work training foundation. The foundation gives workshops where the goods are renovated and then sold in foundation´s shops. The earnings from the shops are used to support socially exclusioned young people and long term unemployed.

Also, Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra in Jyväskylä donated some of their beds to help prevent social exclusion and help the long term unemployed but also the animals got their share of good will: Bedsheets were donated to vet clinics and a local agility association.  

Responsible business is made of everyday choices

Reusing and recycling as part of everyday work is a fundamental part of Green Key work and an important part of responsible hotel business. Sokos Hotels chain are working hard to have all their remaining few hotels Green Key certified by the end of the year 2017.

More information

Janina Nurmela, Concept Manager, Sokos Hotels, tel. +358 50 388 3477, email
Hannele Laurila, Hotel Director, Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti, tel. 050 359 4449, email:

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