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Book a hotel directly without any third parties


MaRa, the Finnish Hospitality Association, is involved in the European BOOK DIRECT campaign launched by HOTREC, the European trade association of hotels, restaurants and cafés. The campaign reminds consumers of their possibility to book services directly from service providers and offers information about the benefits consumers receive by booking an accommodation, restaurant or other service directly via the booking channels of companies.  The wide range of booking channels has increased the number of choices available to consumers and information about the range of services, while these booking channels include unreasonable terms and conditions for companies.

Consumers are able to book accommodation or restaurant services in many ways. Different booking channels offer different benefits and advantages for consumers and service providers, such as accommodation companies and restaurants.

The BOOK DIRECT campaign reminds consumers that by booking services directly without the use of any third parties, they receive a number of benefits.  By booking services directly from the company's website, by calling or sending email to the company, or by directly visiting it, consumers have direct contact with the service provider. By maintaining direct contact, consumers obtain direct information about availability, other services, any special offers and terms and conditions. In addition, it benefits companies to always offer the lowest price on their website.

By booking a room directly via the booking channels of accommodation companies, consumers are protected by the general booking and cancellation terms and conditions of accommodation companies audited by the Consumer Ombudsman. In this way, service providers also assume responsibility for any booking-related problems. If consumers book their services via an external booking service company, these terms and conditions will not apply.

The largest booking service companies hold a strong position around the world. The wide range of booking channels has increased the number of choices available to consumers and information about the range of services, while they have presented unreasonable terms, such as the best price condition, to accommodation companies. Accordingly, accommodation companies must always offer the lowest price to booking service companies and so they cannot offer rooms at lower prices in their own channels. The fees charged by booking service companies from service providers are often unreasonably high. In addition, booking service companies may indicate that no rooms are available, even though there actually are.

Book a room at Sokos Hotels – and get the best benefits – directly at You can also book a room by calling our sales service (+358 20 1234 600).

Welcome to Sokos Hotels!

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Sokos Hotels to certify their sauna experience


The sauna, for a Finn, is not merely a place for cleansing the body, but a temple and a source of wellbeing. For many Finns the true meaning of the sauna lies in lifelong traditions that go back hundreds of years. In an ever changing world it seems that the sauna not only has the power to evaporate worries but it also seems to improve sleep and bring other health benefits. Hotels in Finland are major Finnish sauna experience providers.

Hotels which are part of the "Original by Sokos Hotels" chain provide 106 000 hours of steam each year. The chain has now decided to certify their sauna experience to ensure premium quality. This is carried out, in each of the chain hotels, in collaboration with the "Sauna from Finland" -organization.

Original by Sokos Hotels strive, through the development process and quality certification, to become the forerunners of Finnish sauna culture, by integrating world-class sauna experiences into every single hotel and conference guests customer experience.

The "Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience"-branding, granted with the quality certificate, guarantees the customers of certified Sokos Hotels world-class Finnish sauna experiences. Each Original Sokos Hotel sauna will be audited for cleanliness, multisensory impact, safety and relaxation.


"Collaborating with the Sauna from Finland -organization gives us the tools to achieve improved quality. Our hotels now have a deeper understanding of the importance of a sauna experience as a significant part of the hotel visit ", says Markus Siitonen, Concept Manager of the Sokos Hotels -chain. The first Sokos Hotels -hotel saunas will receive their quality certificates in the spring of 2016.


"The business traveler may very well find the sauna visit the best moment of the day. The sauna offers peace, quiet and is entirely free of digital noise", Markus Siitonen says. "For tourists from abroad, the sauna experience may very well be their most thrilling Finnish memory."


High-quality sauna service is also a sales development possibility. Sokos Hotels actively promotes sauna venues for corporate team days, conferences and other events. Original by Sokos Hotels boast 95 saunas and 239 hotel rooms and suites with a sauna. Great sauna catering is considered an equally important part of the experience.


Sokos Hotels participate in the Nordic Travel Fair on January 21st, at the Business Travel Forum. Stop by for news on saunas, to fetch your own "My First Sauna" -guide, selected sauna aromas and vouchers for reduced hotel accommodation.


For more information please contact: Markus Siitonen, Concept  Manager, SOK Travel Industry Chain Management,, Phone: +358 (0)50 3663 942






Sokos Hotels is Finland's most extensive hotel chain with over 50 hotels in Finland, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. The hotels are located in city centers or in connection with major leisure destinations. In addition to quality accommodation Sokos Hotels offer a wide range of sauna, event and restaurant services.


Sokos Hotels are part of the S-Group.




"Sauna from Finland" is a corporate network focusing on the Finnish sauna, aiming to create a world-class Finnish sauna experience and increase the competitiveness of its members.

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Sokos Hotels chain consolidates its position in Vaasa


Sokos Hotels is expanding its network, with Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Vaasa transferring to the Sokos Hotels chain on 15 May 2015. The S Group has faith in that a domestic brand will be best capable of serving customers and consolidating its market share in the city. The Original by Sokos Hotels hotel type draws its strength from local traditions and lifestyles. Therefore, the distinguished Royal Vaasa fits very well within the Original chain. Its transfer to the Sokos Hotels chain will not lead to any personnel changes.

Hotel network examined as a whole

S-Group administers two hotel brands in Finland – Sokos Hotels and Radisson Blu Hotels. "With this year's break in our cooperative agreement with the Radisson Blu Hotels chain, we had an appropriate moment to examine our hotel network as a whole. We concluded that in Vaasa's market, the cordially Finnish Original by Sokos Hotels chain is the best alternative for the Royal Vaasa. Now it's easier for our Finnish clients to come to a comfortable Sokos Hotel. On the other hand, local character and genuineness are worldwide travel trends. By strengthening these aspects, we believe the hotel will also be more interesting to international travellers visiting the city," says Sokotel Oy's Managing Director, Tapio Satta.

"Together with Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, we are now forming a comprehensive and versatile, mutually supplementary offering which makes Sokos Hotels a strong and attractive partner in the Vaasa market area," Mr Satta adds.

Royal Vaasa a good representative of the Original hotel type

Sokos Hotels' brand renewal has divided Sokos Hotels into three separate hotel types: Break, Original and Solo By Sokos Hotels. As the city's number-one heritage hotel, the Royal Vaasa found its natural place as part of the Original by Sokos Hotels chain.

"We're enthusiastic about joining the Sokos Hotel chain. The Royal Vaasa is a hotel with long traditions extending back to 1941 – the sort of heritage an Original should have. Its services, including a wide range of conference and restaurant services, represents the Original hotel type at its best. When we bring the functional service concepts of Sokos Hotels to the Royal Vaasa, our customers will benefit. In the future, we'll concentrate more on developing our offering and our services, with emphasis on local elements," says hotel manager Ari-Pekka Soini.

The Royal Vaasa name is being preserved in the name Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa. The lobby is getting a full facelift and the breakfast is modified to fit the Original style, featuring various local foods. The restaurant fare, which has been vigorously developed over the last few years, will continue with its strong concepts.

The Original chain draws dynamically on influences from its locality's traditions and cooperates with local operators. During spring, partnerships that will benefit Royal Vaasa's guests will be developed.



The current Radisson Blu Hotel Royal Vaasa will change into a Sokos Hotel on 15 May 2015. With this change, the Sokos Hotel chain will include a total of 54 hotels. Co-op member benefits will remain unchanged for clients.

Accommodation bookings: or Sokos Hotels Sales Service, tel. +358 (0)20 1234600.

Further information:

Tapio Satta, Managing Director, Sokotel Oy, tel. +358 (0)500 438 544,

Heli Engblom, Business Manager, Sokotel Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 388 3111,

Ari-Pekka Soini, Hotel Manager, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Vaasa, tel. +358 (0)40 505 5522,



The Royal Vaasa, a hotel transferred to the S-Group in 1993, is located in the centre of Vaasa within walking distance from the railway station. The legendary hotel offers 285 rooms in two separate buildings, comprehensive conference services, two sauna areas with swimming pools and a gym in the EasyFit chain. The restaurant offering includes Wazaca serving Mexican street food, Fransmanni in rural French style, Central, the hotel's breakfast restaurant, plus the O'Malley's pub.

The city's number-one hotel opened in its current location under the name Hotel Central in 1941. Its other half, the Royal side, was built in the 1980s and was the first tall building in the centre of Vaasa. Since 1999, the hotel has been part of the Radisson Blu chain and will transfer to the Sokos Hotel chain on 15 May 2015. The hotel's business operations will still be handled by SOK's subsidiary, Sokotel Oy.


With over 50 hotels in Finland, Tallinn and Saint Petersburg, Sokos Hotels is Finland's most extensive hotel chain. The hotels are situated in urban centres or at the heart of holiday resorts, with good traffic connections. In addition to accommodation, Sokos Hotels offers versatile conference and restaurant services.

Sokos Hotels is renewing. The chain is refining its diverse hotel network to meet more requirements and tastes. Solo by Sokos Hotels was launched in 2012–2013 and Break as well as Original by Sokos Hotels in 2013–2014.


Sokotel Oy is SOK's subsidiary in the tourism and hospitality sector, operating Finland's Radisson Blu Hotels and fifteen Sokos Hotels.

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