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S Group hotels and restaurants welcome their summer employees!

The S Group employs a total of 15 000 summer employees. The first seasonal employees have already started their employment at the Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone in Savonlinna. We are entering the busiest season of the year, which is why we want to start orientation early. The hotel is happy to welcome new colleagues, as is the entire S Group.

In Sokos Hotels, Radisson Blu Hotels and S Group restaurants, summer employees serve customers in the hotel reception and with housekeeping as well as kitchen and serving duties. There is plenty of work available, from Helsinki to Levi.

"We are grateful for each new employee! It has been nice to see that there is still interest in our industry, even after the challenging exemption period. Some summer employees may lack work experience, but show great enthusiasm when it comes to learning. We have all been in the same situation. At the time, supportive colleagues and understanding customers were of utmost importance," says Jaana Matikainen, Director, Travel Business Concepts and Development at SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management. 


"This year, hotel Seurahuone will employ seasonal help with Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, English and Spanish as their native language," says Ville Tunturila, Shift Manager at Seurahuone in Savonlinna. "For the first time, English will be our internal working language."

"For our regular staff, orientation takes some effort, but the new colleagues are eagerly awaited each summer! A fresh view at things always gives a new perspective on the hotel and restaurant operations. We, for our part, promise to train the new colleagues to be their very best. July is a busy season in Savonlinna, which means plenty of working hours for summer employees. In addition to encouraging management, summer employees will also be entitled to great S Group employee benefits," Tunturila emphasizes.


Daniil Pastukhov, who has relocated to Savonlinna from St. Petersburg, was found through a recruitment company. He has now experienced two weeks at the famous summer terrace, Muikkuterassi, at Seurahuone. Having previous experience from the restaurant industry, he has been taken by surprise by the relaxed approach to work, both among colleagues and in the way of serving customers. "I have previously worked in large international hotels, where the work culture was much more formal. Here you are allowed to show your own personality, and colleagues and customers have been very friendly."

He is also happy with the orientation. "When I started, my supervisors introduced me to the premises and local customs, and we also tasted all the dishes on the menu. I felt pretty confident starting my first shift. My only challenge is learning a little Finnish so that I can serve customers in their native language. As well as the beverage sales competition, which I would like to win," Daniil says with a smile. 


Welcome, all summer employees – to create happiness among colleagues and to learn to make our customers happy!

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Classic Helsinki hotel to reopen – the renewed Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki pays tribute to Helsinki

Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki opens on May 10th at noon on the corner of Kluuvikatu and Yliopistonkatu, in the very heart of Helsinki. The new era of Hotel Helsinki, originally completed in 1930, draws inspiration from the colours, atmosphere and details of the capital. 

During the 1.5-year project, all 207 rooms, restaurants and public areas were renewed, the hotel received new stylish facade lighting and the property underwent a major renovation. In addition, a spectacular party and event space for up to 200 people was created. 

Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki rooms and corridors represent the charming atmosphere of an old Helsinki stone house. Each room features wallpapers inspired by the phenomena and details of Helsinki, and the colour palette is inspired by the colours of Helsinki: the sea, coastal rocks, linden trees and the Suomenlinna fortress. 

Two new restaurants are located on the street level of Hotel Helsinki. Pauli's Pizza & Grill will be serving pizzas until late at night, and Bar HKI will be open around the clock. In summer, guests will be able to enjoy the terrace under the linden tree at the corner of Kluuvikatu and Yliopistonkatu. 

- Hotel Helsinki will follow the internationally popular trend, where the hotel's restaurants and reception form a coherent whole, allowing you to order a beer at the same counter where you check in to the hotel. Our newest Solo hotel is ideal for both tourists and staycations, says General Manager Juha Maatala

The hustle and bustle of the city and Helsinki's restaurant culture 

Hotel Helsinki was opened in 1930 in connection with the commercial building of the Finnish Savings Bank. Once completed, it was the first large hotel in Finland. The classical style building was designed by architect Pauli E. Blomstedt. In the new Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki, the hotel's restaurant, Pauli's, and event space Blomstedt, have been named after him. Over the years, Hotel Helsinki has gained more space, and today the entire building is in the hotel's use. 

Residents of Helsinki have memories of the legendary Helsinki Club, which served as "Hesari's" nightclub from the 70s to the 2010s. The former banking hall has been transformed into the stylish party and event space Blomstedt, particularly suitable for parties, seminars and other events for up to 200 people. 

Rooms and corridors have been designed by the design studio KOKO3. The street-level restaurants and lobby, as well as the event space Blomstedt's interior design have been created by Promakers. 

Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki
Opens May 10th, 2022
Address: Kluuvikatu 8, Helsinki
Rooms: 207
Restaurants: Pauli's Pizza & Grill, Bar HKI, summer terrace on Kluuvikatu
Property owner: Exilion
Architectural design: Architects Soini & Horto
Interior design of restaurants: Promakers
Interior design of rooms: Design studio KOKO3
Hotel Operator: Sokotel Oy
More information:

More information
Juha Maatala
General Manager
Solo Sokos Hotel Torni & Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki
tel. +358 50 477 8394   

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Sokos Hotels first Heymo hotel has now opened in Keilaniemi, Espoo

Press release 20/04/2022

Heymo 1: an affordable, convenient and high-quality hotel, with services developed in close cooperation with customers, has opened in Keilaniemi, Espoo, on 20 April 2022. Instead of at a traditional reception, guests at Heymo handle their checking in and out of the hotel with the help of automats. The hotel has fixers, who ensure the customers' comfort. Sokos Hotels' first flexible service hotel also serves as a pilot and development platform for future Heymo hotels.


The tourism industry is recovering after the pandemic, and the past autumn already gave cause for optimism. With the lifting of restrictions, the coming summer will continue that positive trend. Heymo 1 in Keilaniemi is ready to welcome tourists to the Helsinki metropolitan area.

- Heymo is the choice of hotel for travellers who only want to pay for what they need. The development of Heymo has meant listening to customers and a return to the core business – a good night's sleep. Each room is equipped by a bed especially tailored for Heymo by Familon. At Heymo, everything relevant has been considered, steering away from an overflow of products, says Jukka Kaartinen, Development Manager, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management.

Heymo is suitable for independent travellers who value flexibility and ease: Checking in and out of the hotel is independently and flexibly handled with an automat, avoiding queues. Regardless of the purpose of the trip, Heymo offers a safe and high-quality hotel experience, but encourages exploring the destination.

- Heymo provides 24/7 service: there are always fixers on site, to assist with practical matters. Fixers will assist with making guest's stays personalised. They provide tips on places to visit and will be happy to make restaurant reservations on behalf of the customer, Kaartinen says.


A family of seven can share a room in Heymo

Among the special features that can be found in Heymo are the All day breakfast available from special lockers throughout the day, and large group rooms that can accommodate up to seven people. The private rooms are complemented by a separate Heymo Social Space: a lounge reserved exclusively for Heymo's guests.

The hotel has utilised an innovative design of its spaces. The hotel's stairs have, in cooperation with fitness centre Liikkuu, been designed to enable fitness exercise.

One of Heymo's rooms, Lucky you, cannot be booked at all. The unique room is offered to hotel guests in a daily draw. The guest who gets the Lucky you-room will be staying on the top floor of Heymo, enjoying sweet dreams and numerous surprises.

The interior design of the first Heymo is the work of design agency Rune & Berg. Heymo has furthermore been equipped with its own, unique sound system, in cooperation with Bauer Media.

The development of Heymo does not stop here

Heymo is a modern hotel where customers only pay for what they need. According to Sokos Hotel's customer surveys, especially the younger generation have expressed a wish for increased flexibility. Heymo provides a high-quality basic service, that guests are free to complement according to their own needs, by purchasing services either in or outside the hotel.

- Heymo 1 is a pilot, serving as a test platform for the Heymo hotels. Heymo will, with the help of customer feedback, continue its agile development also in the future. The goal is for Heymo's to expand to major cities in Finland, Kaartinen adds.

More about Heymo:

More information:

Jukka Kaartinen, Development Manager, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management, phone +358 10 76 82 764 or e-mail

Heymo represents a flexible service category within the Sokos Hotels Hotel Types. Flexible service means that customers only pay for what they need. At Heymo, the high-quality basic service can be complemented with digitally available services and 24/7 customer service. The first Heymo will open in Keilaniemi, Espoo, on 20 April 2022, after which the chain will expand to major cities in Finland. Heymo – Stay in the city, not in a hotel.

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Impressive restaurants, Finnish art and original details – Hotel Torni opens its doors on 12 April

A completely renewed Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, the landmark of central Helsinki, opens its doors on 12 April. During the project that has lasted more than two years, the hotel and its restaurants have been renovated from the kitchen to the rooftop bar. The stunning views, historical details and Torni's art collection, which has been complemented by top artworks from SOK's extensive collection, remain. 

Torni's renovation project was initiated in late 2019 and the completely renovated hotel will welcome guests on 12 April at 12 noon. All 154 rooms, restaurants and lobby areas of the hotel have been fully renovated and the entire building has undergone a major overhaul. 

The restaurants have had a particularly significant change. Restaurant OR, which opens on the corner of Yrjönkatu and Kalevankatu, is a wine bar and a modern brasserie, and its impressive raw bar serves oysters, appetizers and desserts. The interior of the restaurant has art deco influences and a colour scheme which is entirely unique in the Finnish restaurant world. 

Torni serves high-quality food from early morning till late at night. You can order food from Torni's all-day menu to your rooms and to all the hotel restaurants. Torni's kitchen is run by Matias Nitovuori, who has previously worked in restaurants like the Palace and Carelia. For breakfast, Torni's guests are, among other things, served sourdough bread made after Matias' own recipe. 

One of the most visible changes can be seen in the middle of the hotel, under a magnificent dome, to where the American Bar returns from Kalevankatu to its original place. The interior is crowned by wall lighting designed by Paavo Tynell, discovered in Torni's storage in connection with the renovation project. 

Art for all senses 

One highlight of the renovated Solo Sokos Hotel Torn is its extensive art collection. The diverse collection includes paintings, graphics, sculptures and fine art photography. The art display in the reception delights with a miniature version of The Whistling City-Dweller by Björn Weckström – the original can be found on Iso-Roobertinkatu, and in the elevator lobby guests are greeted by the sculpture Aino by Kaarlo Haltia, earlier located in one of the rooms on the Art Nouveau side. Artworks are displayed in all the hotel's facilities, including the rooms. 

Torni's own art has been complemented with works from SOK's art collection. For almost 100 years, SOK has collected Finnish art, and these treasures can now be admired in Torni's public spaces. The music playing in Torni's hallways is the work of Finnish composer Petri Alanko. Torni's musical piece depicts a day at the hotel – everything that takes place in Torni, from the lingering hours of the morning to champagne toasts in the evening. 

Torni's new hotel rooms have an atmosphere of serenity and bohemian luxury. The scenic rooms in the Torni side offer breathtaking views over Helsinki. On the Art Nouveau side, the magnificent tiled stoves and panel doors were restored, and the original staircase with stained glass and spectacular decorations has survived Torni's colourful history. On the Torni side, the old lift with a manual door and the main entrance from Yrjönkatu are originals and form part of the unique atmosphere.
- Over the decades, the hotel guests with their thousands of stories and the exquisite architecture have created Torni's unique spirit. Maintaining and enhancing the hotel's artistic, somewhat bohemian atmosphere has been one of the objectives of the renovation. I am happy to finally welcome guests to experience it with us, again", says General Manager Juha Maatala.

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni 

Opens April 12, 2022
Address: Yrjönkatu 26, Helsinki
Rooms: 154
Property owner: Varma
Architectural design: Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto
Restaurant interior design: Fyra Oy
Room interior design: Studio Joanna Laajisto
Hotel Operator: Sokotel Oy
More information:  

Torni restaurants 

OR Restaurant & Bar: modern fish and vegetarian brasserie, raw bar and wine bar
Ateljee Bar: champagne, breakfast and afternoon tea on the top floor of Torni
American Bar: classic and modern cocktails
O'Malley's: Whiskies and Beers in Finland's first Irish pub
Tornin Piha: An atmospheric summer oasis in Torni's courtyard. Opening in May 2022.

More information

Juha Maatala
General Manager
Solo Sokos Hotel Torni & Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki
Tel. 050 477 8394    

Hotel Torni is a building of great significance in terms of cityscape and cultural history, consisting of two properties: Torni, designed by the office Jung & Jung and completed in 1931, and Kyllikki, originally a residential building, completed in 1903. Kyllikki was designed by the architectural firm Polón & Georg Wasastjerna and was incorporated into Torni during its previous renovation in the 1980s.

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Sokos Hotels once again the most sustainable hotel chain in Finland


For the tenth time in a row, the Sokos Hotels chain has been chosen as the most sustainable hotel chain in Finland in the annual Sustainable Brand Index study. This brand study — the largest one in Europe — measures consumers' perceptions of the responsibility of companies operating in different sectors.

"Receiving the Finnish consumers' recognition is always gratifying, and even more so during the challenging times we are still facing. During the pandemic, our responsibility work has developed new nuances, such as taking care of our customers' health security. We have been doing a good job in this aspect. People trust S Group's and its chains' ability also to manage exceptional situations," states Jaana Matikainen, director of SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry.
The responsibility work at Sokos Hotels involves multifaceted and continuous actions. All Sokos Hotels in Finland are part of the Green Key programme that encourages businesses to improve their responsibility work day by day. One of the most recent actions is carbon footprint compensation. Since the last months of 2021, Sokos Hotels has been the first hotel chain in Finland to offer its hotel guests the possibility of offsetting the carbon footprint of their overnight stay and breakfast. Thousands of customers have already made use of this possibility.
For many years, the chain has made an effort to reduce food waste. There has been a significant reduction in the amount of single-use plastics and an improvement in energy efficiency. The restaurants invest in increasing the proportion of Finnish food, and S Group's responsibility principles are observed in procurement. Sokos Hotels work in cooperation with local operators as regards construction, materials, food, as well as programming offered to tourists.
"Through responsibility, we work towards the S Group's mission, a better place to live. One of our most important objectives is to achieve carbon-negativity during 2025," says Matikainen.
All Sokos Hotels have been awarded the Green Key eco-label.
Sustainable Brand Index, conducted by the Swedish SB Insight, is the widest responsibility study in Europe. More than 60,000 respondents, aged 16–75, were interviewed for the study in 2021 in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, and the Baltic countries. 9,900 respondents participated in the study in Finland, and the number of Finnish brands assessed was 212.
Further information:
Jaana Matikainen, director, Concepts and Development,
tel. +358 50 388 163
Sokos Hotels is a Finnish hotel chain consisting of 45 hotels. The chain's four hotel types offer a unique hotel experience for everyone. Sokos Hotels has been chosen as Finland's most responsible, most valued and most reliable hotel chain several years in a row. All Sokos Hotels have been awarded the Green Key eco-label. 
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