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Sokos Hotels will be the first to offer a possibility to compensate for the carbon emissions of a hotel stay from November 22nd

As soon as the amendment to the Money Collection Act enters into force on 22 November 2021, the S Group will offer the possibility to compensate at its Sokos Hotels. With the help of Compensate, guests at the hotels will have the opportunity to compensate for the carbon footprint of their hotel stay. Sokos Hotels is the first hotel chain in Finland to announce that it will introduce the possibility of compensation.

- Responsible business conduct has been a priority already for a long time, which has led to Sokos Hotels being chosen the most responsible hotel chain in its industry for several years in a row. Providing the opportunity for compensation is a natural continuation of our work. Our customers have already wished for this opportunity, says Harri Ojanperä, Senior Vice President, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management.

Hotel guests are offered the opportunity to compensate for the carbon footprint of their stay and breakfast at Sokos Hotels from Monday 22 November, when the amendment to the Money Collection Act enters into force. The price of compensation is only a few cents. The price is based on average emissions per room. Jukka Kaartinen, Development Manager, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management, emphasizes that the calculation is based on actual guest amounts from 2019 and that the calculations have been verified by a third party.

- At Sokos Hotels, the cost of compensation for the climate emissions of a hotel visit remains low, as all our hotels exclusively use renewable electricity, and their energy efficiency has long been improved. In practice, therefore, only emissions from the property's heating and breakfasts remain to be compensated.

The funds raised through compensation are used to finance climate projects in which carbon already released into the atmosphere is sequestered, for example, in forests or soil. The effectiveness of sequestration has been scientifically verified and certified. To carry out the compensation, Sokos Hotels have partnered with the domestic foundation Compensate.

The compensation paid by guests does does not impact the S Group's own climate work

- Compensation is an additional service offered to hotel guests that allows them to reduce their own daily carbon footprint. The S Group does not include the compensation paid by guests in its own climate targets, Kaartinen emphasizes.

The S Group's climate targets belong to the most ambitious in Finland. The group is not just aiming for carbon neutrality, but plans to be carbon-negative as early as 2025, when it is expected to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than what is being produced. During 2015–2020, the S Group already reduced its own carbon emissions by 70 percent.

In addition to its own climate measures, the S Group has challenged its suppliers to reduce their own carbon emissions by a total of one million tonnes. The programme called Big Deal has already been implemented by more than a hundred companies.

Additional information:
Jukka Kaartinen, Development Manager, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management, +358 10 76 82764

More information is available on the Compensate website

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Sokos Hotels introduces a new type of hotel to Finland – The first Heymo to open in Espoo Keilaniemi in the spring of 2022

19 November, 2021

Sokos Hotels will introduce a new type of flexible service hotel category to the Finnish hospitality industry. The new type of hotel, which has been named Heymo, adapts flexibly to the preferences of each traveler, and the hotel guest only pays for what they need at any given time. The first Heymo will open its doors in Keilaniemi in the spring of 2022.

2022 will mark the year of recovery for the hospitality industry, after a pandemic that lasted for almost two years, says Harri Ojanperä, Senior Vice President, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management. In the upheaval of tourism, the hospitality industry in Finland is not expected to return to its previous state, which is why Sokos Hotels is launching a completely new hotel category alongside its traditional hotels, where hotel guests only pay for what they need at any given time. 

– A growing number of travelers, especially millennials and the Z generation, travel to gain new, unique experiences. Heymo provides a high-quality basic service, that the guest is free to complement according to their own needs, by purchasing services either in or outside the hotel. We are not possessive of our guests, but rather encourage them to explore the vibrant city. Heymo has been created to act as a base for experiencing the city, Ojanperä explains.

The pilot of the Sokos Hotels chain's new hotel type, Heymo 1, will open its doors in Keilaniemi, Espoo in April. It will serve as a test platform for the Heymo hotel type: the hotel type is to be further developed in close cooperation with customers. The goal is for Heymo to expand to Finland's major cities within the coming years.

Heymo's specialties include all day breakfast and spacious rooms for groups

With its new flexible service category, Sokos Hotels returns to its core business – a good night's sleep. The rooms at Heymo are equipped with high-quality beds, bed linen and towels. All other choices are left to each guest.

– The most ecological product is that which no-one buys or produces. An overflow of products can be avoided by using only what is needed, says Jukka Kaartinen, Development Manager, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management.

According to Kaartinen, customers' preferences were acknowledged, and Sokos Hotels' extensive customer data thoroughly examined in the Heymo design phase. Heymo brings a lot of new things to the Finnish hospitality industry: All day breakfast is available from a special breakfast locker. Checking in and out of the hotel is done with the help of automats, enabling transactions without long queues, and possible at any given time. Instead of receptionists, Heymo has fixers, and personal service is available around the clock, if needed. Room options also include more spacious rooms for groups of up to seven people, which the party can book for themselves. In addition, a room named Lucky cannot be booked at all, but will instead be offered in a daily draw.

More information about Heymo: 

More information:

Harri Ojanperä, Senior Vice President, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management, tel. +358 10 76 82871 / +358 500 421 175 or e-mail

Jukka Kaartinen, Development Manager, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management, tel. +358 10 76 82764 or e-mail

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You log in to the Sokos Hotels application and the My S-Card Service using your S-My account

We are introducing S Group's new common authentication solution, the S User Account, for our digital services. The S User Account is the S Group's common login account, with which you will also be able to use other S Group online services in the future, in addition to the hotels' digital services.  

In future, your S User Account will be your user ID, and you will no longer need to remember any passwords. You can either create a separate account with your co-op member or S-Card details or add the information of your co-op and S-Card membership to the same account to get the best benefits.  

What is the S User Account?     

S User Account  is an authentication solution for the future, with which users of S Group's digital services log in to the services. The S User Account will replace the current solution based on the S-Code, used to log in to the Oma S-kanava service or S Group's online shops, for example.   

How can I create an S User Account? 

You can create an S User Account and log in with the human figure icon in the top right corner of the page. 

How can I log in to the S User Account? 

Logging in to the S User Account is easy: you only need your email address. After entering your email address to the service, you get a code by email that enables you to log in. So you can say goodbye to remembering all those passwords! 

First enter your email address and then the code you received in your email. The information requested during authentication is stored in the service.

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The renovations of hotel Kimmel are almost finished

The renovations of Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel have progressed quickly. Our first 130 new standard rooms exuding the modern-day Karelian luxury are finished on the 30th of July 2021.

Suites with a view and Superior rooms
Our new superior room and suites offering everyday luxury with strong colours and earthy materials are finished in September.

Bistro Heili is a relaxed meeting place
Our new Bistro Heili replacing restaurant Fransmanni offers good food with a mastery touch. The new restaurant opens in September. The new bright restaurant is a good place to enjoy a drink or dinner. The menu consists of delicious but easy bistro food with a seasonally changing menu including local flavours.

Number one event venue in Eastern Finland
There will be a total of 13 new meeting and event spaces in Kimmel. The smallest ones are sympathetic glass cubes located right next to Bistro Heili. The old suite is transformed into a more relaxed creative meeting space with a sauna.

The actual meeting wing has eight meeting spaces which can be divided into smaller spaces or into a one big space for up to 600 people. The main event and occasion space is the stylish Sirkkala hall with river views. Kimmel can fit up to a 1000 people when combining all the new spaces.

Your event can last until the early hours in our night club Las Palmas offering a relaxed atmosphere.

"New Kimmel is stunning and stylish North Karelian event house with versatile services. We warmly welcome people from Joensuu and the neighbouring areas to come and eat in our new restaurant, to have a meeting or to spend a staycation weekend", General Manager Kaija-Riitta Uusitalo recommends.

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