Sokos Hotels as a company

Sokos Hotels as a company

 Sokos Hotels as a company
Sokos Hotels as a company

Sokos Hotels as a company

S Group operates hotels in Finland through two hotel chains, Radisson Blu and Sokos Hotels. Sokos Hotels are owned by local cooperatives or Sokotel Oy. Sokotel Oy is SOK's subsidiary in the travel and hospitality business, operating six Radisson Blu Hotels and fifteen Sokos Hotels in Finland.

There are five Sokos Hotels outside Finland: two in Estonia and three in St. Petersburg. Sokotel's subsidiaries AS Sokotel and OOO Sokotel operate the Sokos Hotels in Estonia and Russia. This report discusses Sokos Hotels located in Finland. Sokos Hotels is the most extensive hotel chain in Finland with more than 50 hotels in Finland, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. All of our hotels are situated in city centres or in the middle of recreational locations. In addition to accommodation services, Sokos Hotels offer meeting, restaurant and recreational services for customers' different needs.


Sokos Hotels have been split into three hotel types – Break, Original and Solo by Sokos Hotels – to make the chain individual for many. The long-term development work continues with the objective of offering high-quality, responsible services for different needs – individually for each customer.


Different hotels for different needs:

ORIGINAL BY SOKOS HOTELS is a Finnish hotel chain to the core. The hotels are located centrally and serve customers with a local touch. There are 35 Original hotels.

BREAK BY SOKOS HOTELS includes hotels that are located next to recreational centres or spas. The Break hotels offer diverse chances for a break, from facial treatments to golf and from chocolate fountains to downhill skiing. There are eight Break hotels located across Finland, from Vantaa in the south to Levi in the north.

SOLO BY SOKOS HOTELS includes highly individual hotels with unique stories to tell. Every Solo hotel room is equipped with a mattress that shapes to the contours of the guest's body, a wide minibar product selection and a high-quality breakfast with coffee served at the table. The chain consists of nine Solo hotels.


S Group is a Finnish cooperative group of companies operating in the retail and service sector. It consists of the SOK Corporation with its subsidiaries and twenty regional and eight local cooperatives. The co-op members own the cooperatives, which in turn own SOK Corporation.

The level of responsibility in S Group's activities exceeds the legal requirements. Responsibility is based on S Group's values and responsibility principles, SOK Corporation's ethical principles and the joint strategic goals set for responsibility.


S Group has more than 700 restaurants, half of which belong to nationwide chains. Sokos Hotels have both independent and chain restaurants.  When discussing restaurants in this report, we refer to restaurants located at Sokos Hotels, as well as those belonging to the Amarillo, Fransmanni, Grill it!, Rosso and Trattoria chains. In total, S Group's restaurants, the ABC chain included, employ more than 6,200 restaurant professionals.

AMARILLO offers hearty Texas and Mexico -inspired fare and a rocking good time at the bar. There are 22 Amarillo restaurants in Finland and one in Tallinn, Estonia.

FRANSMANNI restaurants offer French countryside food prepared from fresh, clean ingredients. Al steak meat and chicken served ar Fransmanni is always domestic in origin. Extensive and well thought out wine selection completes the Fransmanni experience.Apart from one, the Fransmanni restaurants are located with Sokos Hotels, and there are 13 of them.

GRILL IT! restaurants' menu is a union of clear Scandinavian flavours and spices from all around the world. There are six Grill It! restaurants, three of which are located with Sokos Hotels.

TRATTORIA offers flavours of the Italian kitchen, including pasta, risotto and bruschetta. There are three Trattoria restaurants, all located at a Solo hotel.

ROSSO restaurants have offered Italian-inspired food for Finnish tastes for over 35 years. Special attention is paid to healthiness of food at Rosso restaurants through, for example, choice of preparation methods, light alternatives and publication of calorie information.  Rosso's menu offers also numerous alternatives for people on special diets and menus in Braille are available for the visually impaired.

Rosso is the largest restaurant chain in S Group and the whole of Finland.  At the moment, it comprises 37 restaurants and employes approximately 600 persons.