Social responsibility

Social responsibility

 Social responsibility at Sokos Hotels
Social responsibility at Sokos Hotels

Personnel well-being

Regarding personnel, the objective is to have motivated personnel who understand the content and significance of the concepts. A survey and indexes are used to measure the implementation of people-focused value management (the TYT management index) and personnel development and learning (the TYT overall index). In 2014, the TYT management index was 74 while the TYT overall index was also 74. The target value in 2015 is 75 for both objectives.

Skilled and professional personnel and management are the most important resources of a company. Investments are made in well-being at work by offering personnel training, and job satisfaction is regularly measured. A good supervisor plays a key role in maintaining well-being at work and in good performance. At S Group, the supervisor manages performance, motivates employees and provides feedback.



Personnel employed in S Group's travel and hospitality business is regularly trained both at S Group's own Jollas Institute and through other means. All our employees have the chance to advance in their careers through S Group career paths. New employees are offered extensive induction training.

In 2013–2014, the personnel of Sokos Hotels and the hotel restaurants have received extensive coaching during our brand reform. Service and interaction between people have been raised as the most important competitive advantage.

Hotel and restaurant employees acquire the safety certificate and restaurant employees the hygiene certificate.  The goal is that at least 30% of full-time personnel have taken the safety certificate training, which includes, among other things, fire extinguishing, first aid and threat situation training.



The number of personnel at Sokos Hotels and restaurants located in them is nearly 3,000.
S Group is a large Finnish employer. It employs 40,046 trade and service sector professionals, 86.7 percent of whom are in permanent employment.