Booking instructions

Booking instructions

 Booking Instructions
Booking Instructions

Booking Instructions

If you experience difficulties in making a normal reservation, please try another browser or contact our Sales Services, tel. +358 (0)20 1234 600, Mon–Fri 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Supported browsers
Sokos Hotels' web pages work on all of the most common internet browsers. To use the online service, you must accept the use of cookies. For the sake of information security and the general functionality of the pages, we recommend the use of the most recent browser versions.

The use of the online service is supported by the following browsers:
Chrome 27
Mozilla Firefox 19.0.2
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0
Safari 7.0.4

If you are using some other browser, we cannot guarantee the functionality of the Sokos Hotels website. If you are using an old browser version, we recommend that you update it or install a new browser.

Accumulation of bonus through accommodation
Bonuses are accumulated only with reservations made through the booking channels of Sokos Hotels. Room reservations for co-op membership prices can likewise only be made through the booking channels of Sokos Hotels. These booking channels include our online service and Sokos Hotels' Sales Services, as well as Sokos Hotels in Finland, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. The bonus is always recognised according to the date of departure.


Select the city or destination
You can search for hotels through the city or the destination. If the search is based solely on the city or destination, the system offers all hotels available on the basis of your search.

Select the date of arrival and date of departure
Select the arrival and departure dates from the calendar.

+/- 3 days
Select +/-3 days if the dates of your booking may be pushed forward or postponed by a maximum of three days.

I'm a co-op member
If the person who pays for the room has an S-Etukortti, select "I'm a co-op member". The S-Etukortti should be shown when you check in at the hotel, after which you will be charged the co-op membership price. Co-op membership prices are meant for leisure travel. Accommodation should be paid for in cash or with a personal debit card.

Number of rooms
Select the number of rooms you need to book from the menu and specify the number of guests staying in each room. You can book up to six (6) rooms during any one session. At a later stage, you need to select the type of each room and their rates. You must give the name of one guest for each room and there must be at least one adult guest per each room.

Select the number of adults staying in the same room (no more than four people), after which the system will offer the available rooms suitable for the selected number of people. The maximum number of guests per room is four (4) people. You can see more detailed descriptions of any possible restrictions concerning the number of guests per room and of rooms with additional beds in connection with the room type and rate product. The screen will display both the room's price per night and its total price, determined according to the number of people staying in it. The number of rooms with additional beds available through online reservations is limited. If your booking includes more than one guest, you can try the search with more than one room and a smaller number of occupants per room.

Accommodation for minors
Minors may stay at our hotels without an adult. The hotel needs a written consent by email or some other way from the parents to accommodate a minor. The age limit for minors staying alone is 16 years. On a case-by-case basis, this can be agreed upon otherwise with the child's parents. The parents' contact details must be attached to the reservation. When accommodating a minor, the young person fills in the hotel card as normal. With regard to payment, the same rules are followed as with other hotel guests. The minibar in the room is locked and room bill forwarding is prevented. We are unable to verify the age of the customer when making a reservation, so the hotel reception will make the final decision regarding an underage customer staying at the hotel.

Children (3–15 years)
When you want to book a room with one or more additional beds for children, select the number of children between the ages of 3 and 15 from the menu. The room's rate will be calculated on the basis of the adult and child guests. The maximum number of guests per room is four (4) people. If your booking includes more than one guest, you can try the search with more than one room and a smaller number of occupants per room.

Sokos Hotels provide cots, travel beds or accommodation without a separate bed free of charge for children between the ages of 0 and 2 years.

The system offers available rooms suitable for the selected number of people. You can see more detailed descriptions of any possible restrictions concerning the number of guests per room and of rooms with additional beds in connection with the room type and rate product.

Check-in and check-out times
Your room will be at your disposal as of 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. on the date of your arrival and you should check out by 12 noon on your date of departure.

Accessible and special rooms
If you require an accessible room or some other kind of special room, please get in touch with the Sokos Hotels Sales Services or directly with the hotel in which you plan to stay.

If you are travelling with a pet, add the 'pet' additional product to your booking. Since this additional product is not available for all of our hotels through online reservations, please contact the Sokos Hotels Sales Services or the hotel of your choice when necessary. Pets are subject to a separate charge.

Codes and IDs:

Reservation code
Enter any possible reservation code you have received in an offer concerning online bookings. The code must be entered in the format in which it is given in the offer.

Business code
If your company has a business code for online reservations, enter it here. The payment methods for a booking made with a business code include cash and credit cards.

Click on "Reserve" to prompt the system to check whether the city or hotel of your choice has rooms available for the dates and number of guests you have entered. If you used the name of the city for the search, the system displays all hotels in that city that have available rooms and the starting from-prices of those hotels for the dates you have selected.

If a hotel has vacancies that meet your search criteria, the starting from-prices will be displayed below the hotel's details. The system may offer several rate products for the dates you have selected. To view the available room types, select the rate. You can limit the number of rooms displayed by selecting preferred features through the "Show rooms with" menu. To view more detailed descriptions of room types, select the room type.

You can always select the cheapest rate offered by the system that corresponds to the purpose of your travel.

Make your stay even more enjoyable. You can select additional services offered by the hotel and add them to your booking. These services are subject to a charge. Additional services cannot be booked for the same day on which you are reserving them. In such cases, you can inquire about them at the hotel.

You can also indicate preferences concerning your room. Please note that the preferences will be observed as allowed by the hotel's booking status. Preferences may not be possible for all room types.

Continue to personal details
After you have selected your preferred rate and room type, continue by clicking on "Continue to personal details".

Carefully fill in the guest's personal details in the relevant section:
- First name
- Last name
- Street address
- Postal code
- City or town
- Country
- Telephone (number including area code)
- E-mail address
The booking system will automatically send a confirmation for any reservations, changes and cancellations to the e-mail address entered in the field. Please enter only one e-mail address without any extra characters or spaces.

I will arrive by 6 p.m.
The booking will remain valid until 6 p.m. on the date of arrival, unless late arrival has been separately confirmed. After this, the hotel has the right to give the room to someone else. In the event that you cannot arrive at the hotel, you should always cancel your booking through our online service, even if arrival after 6 p.m. had not been confirmed. (The room will be available as of 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. on the arrival date. Please check out by 12 noon on the day of your departure.)

Arrival after 6:00 pm guaranteed with a credit card
If arrival at the hotel takes place after 6 p.m., the late arrival should be guaranteed with credit card details. Select the relevant card type, enter your card number, its valid thru-date and the cardholder's name. A guaranteed room reservation will remain valid even after 6 p.m. In the event that a guaranteed booking remains unused and has not been cancelled within the framework of the cancellation terms, the relevant booking will be subject to a charge equal to the room's rate for one day.

The details of the card used for the guaranteeing will be authenticated automatically. An authorisation hold of one (1) euro will be shown in the account when you use a Visa Electron or debit card. The authorisation hold will not be charged from the account; rather, it will be automatically removed within three weeks, at most.

I will pay for my booking and confirm my arrival in connection with the confirmation
The room reservation can be paid for in connection with the confirmation. A room reservation that has already been paid for will remain valid until the following morning, even after 6 p.m. on the indicated date of arrival. Advance payment in connection with the booking can be made with the online banking codes of Nordea, OP-Pohjola, Danske Bank and S-Bank, as well as with a Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express and Diners Club card or a Visa Electron card.
Some rate products require advance payment in connection with the confirmation. Refunds may be restricted per rate product. The relevant terms and conditions are shown in the "Price terms and conditions" section when making the booking.

You get your bonus for any co-op membership priced reservations in connection with the payment. Please note that you will not be able to obtain the bonus in arrears or when paying with a company credit card.

Bookings that have already been paid for cannot be changed or cancelled via the online service. Please contact the hotel, if necessary.

I have read the terms and conditions concerning the reservation and the price, and I accept these terms and conditions.
The booking can be confirmed after the terms and conditions have been read and accepted.

Continue to confirmation  
You can check the details of your booking by clicking on "Continue to confirmation". To edit these details, return to the relevant section via the top menu. To return to the previous page, click on "Back". After you have checked the details, click on "Confirm booking" at the bottom edge of the page.

Store the reservation code, which you will be asked for when you arrive at the hotel. You will also need it if you want to make changes to or cancel your reservation. Please note that reservations can be changed or cancelled only on our website (, through our Sales Services or at the hotel. If you lose your reservation code, please contact Sokos Hotels Sales Services.


My reservations
Enter the reservation code and the last name of the person under whose name the reservation was made. In a booking that includes several rooms, you should use the last name of the person under whose name Room 1 was booked. If the first and last names were entered in opposite fields during the booking stage, this should be observed when searching for the booking. Finally, select "Search".

The details of your booking will be displayed on the screen. You can edit the reservation's price, dates, number of guests, personal details, room type, additional services, preferences and its guaranteeing and payment. For any other changes, you should cancel the booking online and make a new one. Changes to the details of your booking may affect its price. The system will send a confirmation of the changes to your e-mail address. The reservation code will remain the same even after the changes.

Booking summary and travel itinerary
The booking summary contains all of the booking's details. The information can also be printed.

Pay the reservation
You can pay for your booking via an online banking service or with a debit card.

Cancel reservation
If you need to cancel your booking, click on "Cancel reservation". In a booking that includes more than one room, all room reservations are cancelled when the booking for Room 1 is cancelled. If you need to cancel only some of the rooms in a booking that includes multiple rooms, the cancellation should be done via "Edit reservation details". The system will send a confirmation of the cancellation to your e-mail address. To return to the booking's details, click on "Back". Cancellations should always be made via our website.

Edit personal details
Select "Edit personal details" to change the address details of the person who makes the booking.

Guarantee the reservation with your credit card
You can guarantee the validity of your booking even after 6 p.m. on the date of your arrival with a credit card.

Edit dates
When necessary, you can change the dates of your reservation. Please note that such changes may have an effect on prices and the room's rate and availability.

Edit additional services
You can book or reduce additional services. You can also add preferences to your booking.

Edit number of guests
You can add to or reduce the number of guests. Please note that such changes may have an effect on room rates and availability.

Edit room
You can change your booking's room type. Please note that such changes may have an effect on rates and availability.

Rooms and individuals

Delete Room



Children (3–15 y)

Children aged 3–15 sleep in the extra bed

Babies (0–2 y)

+ Add babies (0-2 yrs)

+ Add room