Allergy friendly Sokos Hotels

Allergy friendly Sokos Hotels

                                    Allergy friendly Sokos Hotels

Allergy friendly Sokos Hotels

1. Smoking 
All Sokos Hotels are fully smoke-free.

2. Rooms where pets are allowed  
Rooms where pets are allowed, are located in a designated area of the hotel, which other customers are not required to pass by unnecessarily. In addition, sufficient ventilation to other rooms is ensured. The rooms in question are also cleaned using separate cleaning equipment.

3. Ventilation

  • Ventilation meets the guide values for incoming and exhaust air flow (10l/s, person and 1l/s, square metre).
  • The ventilation system is cleaned every five years and maintained on a regular basis.
  • The filtering of incoming air is at least of class F 7.
  • Toom temperature in winter is 21.5C +-1C, and in summer <27C (adjustable).

4. Interior decoration and surface material

  • The surfaces do not gather much dust and are easy to clean.
  • The interior decoration textiles are smooth and washable.
  • The bed linen is in a good condition and can be washed in 60 degrees.
  • There are no actual plants in the room (suitable ones are also available when selected).
  • New construction/renovation uses M1 construction material.

5. Cleaning

  • The washing and cleaning agents used are odour-free.
  • The cleaning equipment is clean and separate from other spaces (rooms where animals and smoking are allowed), and the vacuum cleaner is a central vacuum cleaner or one with a HEPA filter.
  • Saily cleaning is carried out in the rooms with damp wiping as per the degree of use.
  • Upper dust is wiped as required.
  • Bed linen is washed as per the room's degree of use.
  • Other interior decoration textiles are vacuumed or washed as required.

6. Odour-free personal hygiene products
The personal hygiene products in the bathrooms are also available as odour-free alternatives.

Rooms and individuals

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Babies (0–2 y)

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